Recent design changes

today, and yesterday I was working on some tweaks of the page’s design which just got live. The header got a changed a bit, page background now is #333.

Most obvious change though, is of course the increased width.

I added another sidebar, which right now only contains a lifestream powered by the rss stream plugin for wordpress.

I only changed it’s css, obviously, and I added Picasa support myself – for what I had to write some php code. I hate php :P

Now the only thing that bothers me is that I can’t add my twitter to it, as my twitter account turned into one huge bug today. My personal page for example isn’t accessible for instance.

I opened a ticket, and wrote on get satisfaction. I hope this is going to be resolved soon.

New looks and a new start

To make a long story short, I didn’t have the time nor the mood to blog.

Hell, I didn’t even have the slightest idea what I should have blogged about.

As you might have noticed I just updated the looks of my blog, with some fancy [/not], selfmade graphics.

All done in The Gimp, in an hour of complete boredom. While not writing any articles I learned to use this nice little app quite well, at least I think I do.

I’m nowhere near a professional but as I don’t earn a living of painting or webdesign it’s pretty much sufficent.

The Header is released under the Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Germany Creative Commons License

You can grab the *.xcf-file here


At last I understand.
We hurt others by our very existence.
That is just the way we live.

We need to learn to forgive,
Need to realise that existence is to be shared.
We’re not just here to exist, but to find the strength to co-exist.

It may start from something small,
It may even seem impossible,
But we have to start from somewhere.

Hope is our legacy

– Casshern

A new beginning – with Arch and Openbox

Despite recognising the benefits of a major easy-to-use Linux distribution like Ubuntu, which without question is a great OS, people know they often lack the speed of their not-so-easy-to-use counterparts like Gentoo or, in my case, Arch.

Earlier in my Linux life there I had like almost any experienced user a Gentoo period. Setting flags, compiling, speed and Portage in general made you feel leet. But after some year or two and multiple set up Linux boxes I began to wonder if this is really the way to go and if the stability and speed are worth all the pain of waiting some hours for some greater graphical applications to compile – I came to the conclusion it wasn’t.

I decided to give Debian a shot (which is still running on my home server by the way) and stuck with it some time. Setting up a working system was just a piece cake. There is this saying that even a chicken could install Debian if you just put enough grain onto the enter key. Funny enough, it’s kind of true.

Debian’s flaw in my opinion was or rather is the very conservative package policy. Sure, it might be awesome for a working place and really kinky for servers but I still missed something for my desktop usage.

As time went by there came up the rumours of a Debian based desktop distribution, Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a pretty decent distro with great usability and a 6 month stable release cycle, with a huge community and many third party repositories.

The con is that the usability comes hand in hand with a lack of simplicity and foremost speed. :(

So I decided it was time to move on a look for another distro for my main box.

And I found Arch.

Arch is a i686 optimised binary distro, the base installation uses up about 80MB of disk space, and it has no graphical configuration tools, still easy to configure as every important rc is located in /etc .

I decided to adapt this simplicity to X by using Openbox, a very simple and fast window manager in the spirit of other well known *boxes like black- or fluxbox.



Panel: pypanel

mpd-client: Sonata