Stallman calls use of web apps worse than stupidity

original picture by Elke Wetzig, CC-SA-BY 2.0 Germany

original picture by Elke Wetzig, CC-SA-BY 2.0 Germany

As it turns out Stallman doesn’t like web applications, he doesn’t like them at all and says that using GMail and its kind is “worse than stupidity” and just as bad as proprietary software. Continue reading

Nintendo DS used to teach Japanese girls the English language

In Tokyo the Joshi Gakue, an all-girls school, teachers started using DS handhelds in class to help the girls learning English.  The DS is only used in class though. They’re nor allowed to take it home with them.

Is this really a good thing to do? I’d say yes, it is. The DS offers really intuitive controls, a good display, ok sound and what’s probably the best about it: It’s cheaper than a pc and easier to store because of it’s small size.

Japan’s educatin ministry allows schools to decide what tools, materials, books or gaming consoles they use, and according to PISA tests the Japanese schools are doing well pretty well in international comparison, ranking among the top 5 in almost every field.

Here’s the whole article where I got that story from:

No Reservations: Asia Special

I really love this show. The host Anthony Bourdain, NYC chef, travels the world eating everything he can get.
It’s not your usual food or travel documentary, he grasps every opportunity to get off the tourist routes trying to find the real food and the real culture of the country he’s visiting.
Participating in every weird ritual he comes across: Piercing a living pig’s head with a spear in the jungle, drinking some cannabis drink + cookies in India or a psychoactive cocktail made by a shaman in Peru.
You can find some of the episodes on Google Video,  search for “No Reservations”
Well, you’ve to see for yourself, this is the Asia Special taking place in Japan and China.