‘sudo’ for Powershell, sorta

Using powershell one thing I found annoying is just could’t figure out how to run processes with elevated rights without having to start a new, elevated powershell. I was looking for a sudo kind of command/script.

I was hitting the big lower case g (google) and found this. Thanks to Tsukasa I finally found a ‘sudo’ for powershell.

I just had to figure out a why to get it to work. Probably there are others looking for the same I thought I might just summarise the steps it took to make it work. Continue reading

Playing with Windows PowerShell

Making the switch from XP to Vista64 I found myself playing around with the OS and some of Microsoft’s current projects and tools. As a Linux command line enthusiast I was always bothered by the lack of a good shell for the Windows part of my computer life. Cygwin just felt wrong and since I heard about the new MS shell called Powershell a while back I thought maybe I should give it shot. Getting used to it.

What I really liked is the fact that they took a lot of familiar u/*nix shell commands, using them as aliases to their own commands. So, there are different commands you can use to achieve the same task. Pretty simple example everyone should be familiar with is listing files in a directory.Doing a ‘Get-ChildItem’ will get you to your list just as ‘ls’ or ‘dir’ does.

‘Get-Process’ and ‘ps’ is just another example and the only strange thing about it, is that the aliases always seem to be be the better choice, since they’re much shorter and therefore quicker to type.

Why would you type ‘Get-Help New-PSDrive’ if you can do the same typing ‘man mount’ ?

That’s it for now. Next time I’ll tell you how to get a little sudo-like command for Powershell.

In the mood…

Sometimes you feel like everything you do is just boring and nothing could change that.

Sometimes you don’t feel like blogging at all, because you’re not sure if there is anything to write about.

Sometimes however you do feel like writing a blog post because it could be the revelation you’re looking for.


I haven’t been actively doing anything with my blogs or websites for quite some time now and I think it’s the right time to change that. While I was being bored I managed to do some things that I’m going to write about in the days and weeks to come.

Among those things are a guide on how to set up your own Ubuntu server in Virtual Box on Windows to use to get some ssh and web action going. Another thing I plan writing about is setting up IIS7 on Vista and getting some applications and modules up and running.

So, that’s it for now. Hope to see you next time.

Three reasons why Windows 7 won’t kill Linux

Windows 7, Microsoft’s new Operating system is on it’s way to be released mid 2009 and because of its, in comparison to prior abominations from Redmod more modular structure, lighter appearance and promotion of Netbook usage some have already announced the death of the Linux world. Here are five reasons why this won’t be the case and why you should not erase Linux from your hard drive as soon as Windows 7 hits the shelves. Continue reading

thoughts on Digital Rights Management

This isn’t actually news, but I happened to have a discussion about whether DRM is good for you so I’m sharing some of my thoughts. First of all, DRM is bad, and that’s already all what most people heard and know about it if they heard about it at all. So why is that, what makes it bad, evil or defective by design like slashdotters like to call it. Continue reading

Stop pirating Adobe software, use Free Software instead

I really don’t get it how people can continue pirating proprietary software like some Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) when there are quality, Free Software alternatives like the Gimp or Inkscape.

Sure, Gimp currently lacks some features you need for professional printing like CMYK, but that doesn’t disqualify for the use in non- or semi-professional environments, at home. Continue reading