My name is Julian SaraceniI’m a passionate Free Software and Open Source enthusiast and this blog is mostly dedicated to all those things I encounter or stumble upon on my journey in the world of geekdom, the most dangerous parts of the world wide web (social media) and random thoughts I’d like to share.

On the PC I usually spend my time idling (sometimes chatting) on IRC and Jabber, drawing pictures with GIMP and struggling with CSS, HTML and PHP.

I’m not a native speaker of the English language so there are probably a lot of grammar and spelling errors and while I do try to keep my posts as comprehensible as possible I might not always succeed. Don’t be afraid to tell me about error, in fact I’d be very thankful.


The pattern I used in the background and in the header image is from Squidfingers, take a look at the site, there are some great patterns.

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