Can’t access with Firefox [UPDATE]

In all seriousness I’m starting to get convinced the internet is trying to pwn me.

After my ongoing struggle with OpenID now Firefox won’t open anymore.

There’s a error page displayed saying that the page seems to be valid but Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server. I tried using new, different profiles and safe mode but nothing did the trick.

I thought maybe the server, for some strange reason, banned my ip but restarting my router did not help either.

Now, what’s really weird is that other browsers are working fine, they can open the site. And no one seems to have the same problem over at, so I’ve to assume that somehow I, my computer or my Firefox is causing it.

Maybe sacrificing a chicken, while dancing naked on the street will help… dunno

I’m all open for ideas what to do, where to look and so on.

UPDATE: It’s working again! I’m not really 100% sure if something I did or something Evan did fixed it. I’m just glad it’s working again :D

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2 thoughts on “Can’t access with Firefox [UPDATE]

  1. That’s terrible! So, with Firefox we serve extra-nice XHTML, but of course if there’s a bug in the markup the entire page can come out as an “XML Parsing Error” instead. Is that what you’re seeing? Or is the site just not coming up at all?

    I use Firefox (on Ubuntu) for all my development, so it’s of course a supported platform.

  2. I’m still not entirely sure what did they trick, though.
    My first guess is Spybot S&D was mistakenly blocking it, well, or you fixed it ;O

    Either way, you’re doing the hell of a job, thank you for this great website/software.