Me vs. OpenID, the fight continues

I start feeling like Peter Griffin fighting the giant chicken. Everytime I Think now I got everything sorted out, got it working, out of nowhere another problem appears.

The other day I decided hosting my own OpenID with phpMyID, which itself worked without glitches, delegating it on the other hand was a bit tricky because I did not realise the yadis plugin was preventing it from working, yet.

But somehow I figred it out and it worked, everything worked, was ready to use.

Then, not even 24h later, my site suddenly stopped working, access to posts and pages was no longer possible, I could access the admin panel though. I checked the Database which seemed fine, checked SEO, checked my .htaccess and everything was looking like it should.

I did not install any plugins, so checking the plugins was the last step on my list, but when I deactivated all of them, the site immediately started working again. So I checked every single plugin on it’s own, and the wp-openid plugin was causing it.

Now THAT really suprised me as it has been working for a couple of weeks now.

In its opitions there’s a button to rebuild the tables, tried that, did not help. I deleted the plugin, reinstalled it, just to get my blog killed yet again.

The current situation is that I keep it deactivated. In addition I wrote a post on the support forums, and I really hope I can sort out this one.

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One thought on “Me vs. OpenID, the fight continues

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