– Just another ordinary Twitter clone?

Another Twitter clone? Yes…

An ordinary one? No, not at all.

So everyone knows what twitter does, so I’m not much getting into the similarities, but rather write about the differences. So what makes different from twitter, jaiku pownce and all the others?

First of all the software itself is free open source software released under the AGPL, it’s called Laconica, just check out the site, right now it’s still pretty empty only pointing to the source.

“Only”, well that’s already more than what the other microblogging services will ever let you see.

Other things worth mentioning in my opinion are:

  • OpenID support, you can login with you OpenID after you enabled it in your Account settings.
  • Posting via Jabber, nothing new nor special, but I like Jabber therefore I mention it.
  • There’s a checkbox on the registration page allowing you too license all your posts under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Now that is awesome.
  • It’s an Open Network Service, using the Free/Open Service Definition

Let’s see what they write about: is an Open Network Service. Our main
goal is to provide a fair and transparent service that preserves users’ autonomy. In
particular, all the software used for is Free Software, and all the data is available
under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, making it Open Data.

Open Data, yeah, it’s open and it’s free (like in freedom) but it also does protects your rights as the author of what you wrote. Not only does it protect you from other users, but it does protects you from the service itself.

If you’re interested in freedom, just pay a visit and add me if you like, here’s my account. It lacks some polish and not all features are implemented yet, but I’m sure the community will help making this site a success.

Here is what’s coming next

  • SMS updates and notifications
  • A Twitter-compatible API
  • More AJAX-y interface
  • Maps
  • Cross-post to Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, etc.
  • Pull messages from Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, etc.
  • Facebook integration
  • Hashtags
  • Image, video, audio notices
  • Automatic url-shortening
  • Multilingual interface (using Gettext)

I made some Screenshots and put them on Picasa, you might want to take a look at.


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