Been a while…

since my last post, almost a year and a lot has happened. Two Ubuntu releases, third one being in alpha right now, Windows 7 and Snow Leopard. The latter is the one I’m using to write this particular post. Yeah, that’s right. I got a Mac, but no only did I get a mac, I got myself a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium and I got myself a Linode, running Ubuntu 9.04 and waiting for the next LTS release to upgrade.

As you might imagine I have got lots of stories to tell, if I can be bothered to actually write posts. But I’ll try.

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2 thoughts on “Been a while…

  1. You got yourself a mac? I didn’t see that coming… For my ten months trip to Sweden I got the new aluminium unibody MacBook (now MacBook Pro) and because students get Windows 7 Home Premium for a reasonable price, I bought that, too. It will be interesting to read about your experiences and opinions. I’m looking forward to that. Keep posting! :-)
    Greets from Umeå, Sweden

  2. In fact neither did I. I was looking for a new laptop that had good battery life, no intel integrated graphics and of course that wasn’t too expensive. At first I was thinking about getting a sub-notebook by Sony but they cost a fortune. The 13″ MBP (mid 2009) did seem like the best choice, and I don’t have any regrets although I’m considering buying a bigger HDD maybe even an SSD.

    And about Windows 7: I was trying to get hold of one of these pre-order copies that did only cost 47€ but they were sold out after like 5 minutes. Luckily, a good friend managed to two get two orders through on two different sites and gave me one of them.

    I’ll try to write my first real after the pause post this weekend.