Playing with Windows PowerShell

Making the switch from XP to Vista64 I found myself playing around with the OS and some of Microsoft’s current projects and tools. As a Linux command line enthusiast I was always bothered by the lack of a good shell for the Windows part of my computer life. Cygwin just felt wrong and since I heard about the new MS shell called Powershell a while back I thought maybe I should give it shot. Getting used to it.

What I really liked is the fact that they took a lot of familiar u/*nix shell commands, using them as aliases to their own commands. So, there are different commands you can use to achieve the same task. Pretty simple example everyone should be familiar with is listing files in a directory.Doing a ‘Get-ChildItem’ will get you to your list just as ‘ls’ or ‘dir’ does.

‘Get-Process’ and ‘ps’ is just another example and the only strange thing about it, is that the aliases always seem to be be the better choice, since they’re much shorter and therefore quicker to type.

Why would you type ‘Get-Help New-PSDrive’ if you can do the same typing ‘man mount’ ?

That’s it for now. Next time I’ll tell you how to get a little sudo-like command for Powershell.

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