My favourite Firefox AddOns

Now that Firefox 3, my browser of choice, got final about a week ago I thought I could share the addons I’m using on regular basis, the ones I need occasionally and those I could not live without any more.

(in alphabetical order)

Adblock Plus

Loads of webads? Blinking *.gif files? Got Viagra? I say thanks, but no thanks.
If you’re also tired of this, you should take a look at this addon.
Instead of the regular Adblock addon it gives you the option to use precompiled, updated, localised blacklists and if THAT didn’t get rid of all ads you can still put them on the blacklist manually. Filters and wild cards make it even easier. And for the dubious case that you really want to look at those darn ads, you can turn it off with a swift middle-click on the it’s icon.

It’s one of those addons I think everyone should use or even be included in Firefox.



Another sweet little application, it’s a so called mass downloader plus pretty decent download manager – at least compared to default one.

You don’t know why you’d need something like this, or you don’t know what a mass downloader is? Let’s use an example you’re surfing 4chan, reading a forum, a blog. Now you see that someone posted a lot of pictures you’d like to download but you don’t want to right-click every one of them and “save image as…”. Just hit the DownThemAll! and it will show you a list of every file on that site that you’re able to download, a pretty useful tab in the window refines the list and only shows images and other embedded objects.

Still not enough?

Checkboxes and the option to define filters yourself makes it possible to download only those files you really want in an blink of an eye.

In addition to these mass download capabilities:

  • queuing of download
  • pausing, continuing
  • md5 hash check
  • batch renaming of downloads
  • multiple connections to the server to speed up your downloads

Convinced? Grab it here!


There isn’t much to explain here, it just faviconises Tab. You have different possibilities to do so, though.

You can double click a tab, or right-click “FaviconizeTab” if you like, and they stay that way until you close them, Firefox’ session management keep them small, too.

Now what made me keep this addon is the possibility to define sites which will be opened faviconised, no need to double click them (double click reverses the effect). And again wild cards are possible and a great help.



I started learning Japanese a while ago and especially Kanji, Chinesed characters used in modern Japanese, are hard to learn and hard to remember.
Kanji-lish helps you to learn them, as it replaces the first letter of an English word with a kanji with the same (most of times) meaning on demand for the active tab. It’s also possible to replace the whole word but that still causes some problems when I don’t know what they mean. At this point Rikaichan kicks in, but more about this later. I won’t break my alphabetical order, no, I won’t :D



This addons serves security purposes, while you browse the web you may encounter pages trying to execute malicious Java, Java Script or other content. NoScript grants you the power to only allow those sites and scripts to be executed you trust.

There is of course no absolute security unless you pull the plug of you internet connection, but this sweet little addon sure helps quite a bit. Even if it complains quite often, and may be annoying at the start: Keep on using it! And tell all your friends about it.

Winner of the “2006 PC World World Class Award”, this tool provides extra protection to your Firefox.

It allows JavaScript, Java and other executable content to run only
from trusted domains of your choice, e.g. your home-banking web site,
and guards the “trust boundaries” against cross-site scripting attacks

Such a preemptive approach prevents exploitation of security
vulnerabilities (known and even unknown!) with no loss of

Experts do agree: Firefox is really safer with NoScript ;-)



You may refer to it as Chuck Norris, at least that’s what I do, this Addon is a Roundhouse-Kick for those of you who regularly visit Japanese sites.

It shows you Japanese > English/German/French or Russian dictionary entries in a tool tip when hovering over kanji or kana, depending on you’re dictionary file (I only tried the English and German ones) it will will even recognise idioms and names. A toolbar, accesible via hotkey, allows you to type in kanji or kana characters directly, so you don’t have to google for a word in order to be able to hover over it ^_^

Additionally you can save shown entries in a defined text file by pressing an hotkey.



Have you ever wanted to take screenshots of a whole page, just a small part of it, or just the visible part without having to use external applications, panormana scripts or whatever other work which would be involved? Than this addon is for you.

You can take screenshots and let them beimg saved as *.jpg files directly or you copy them into your clipboard.



It’s an wysiwyg-editor fully integrated within firefox to write and edit your blog posts.
I’m actually writing this post with ScribeFire. You just have to check it out for yourself to get a real overview over all of it’s features and visit the projects homepage.



This was or is pretty much my favourite addon for the last couple of weeks.
It opens in a sidebar where you can drag’n'drop youtube videos into. It offers a playlist, repeat and shuffle functions and of course the possibility to download the clips.

It’s just really great to be able to watch videos, while surfing. Probably a must have for the multitasking geek and/or youtube whore.


So, that’s all. Maybe there were one or two handy addons you didn’t know about until now, I hope you liked it and found it interesting.

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2 thoughts on “My favourite Firefox AddOns

  1. I think your link for the DownThemAll addon is wrong. You seem to have linked Faviconize twice. Nice list, though.