Clever idea, Youtube in “Super HD”

We all know Youtube made some progress in terms of quality of their videos, they still pretty much blow compared to every other video site out their and I doubt they’ll change a thing as their lead in the market isn’t in really in danger. This apparently wasn’t enough for blogger Mr.doob and he put up a video on his site powered by youtube with four times the resolution of an ordinary one.

His idea is as brilliant as it is simple, he just quartered a video of Rick Astley which is not “Never gonna give you up” (kudos to you Mr.doob), and uploaded each of them. He now wrote some little JavaScript for his page so he could start, restart and pause the videos together and removed their Youtube chrome. The result is amazing, four videos become one, four times the resolution, four times the size.

Now I doubt that we will see a lot of such, or similar videos following this idea, and I doubt google is really fond of it but I’ve to admit I’d love to see a 32×32 vid on a large screen, just for the sake of it, ha!

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