Get your GMails into your feed reader

Long time has passed since my last GMail tip about cleaning up your inbox, this time It’s all about feeds. I was really surprised to find out that there are people who didn’t know that GMail offers a variety of atom feeds for you to subscribe, so you don’t have to bother with newsletters in you inbox and can put and read them where they belong, in your feed reader.

Access to them is pretty easy but not very intuitive since everywhere inside GMail you only get forwarded to your inbox’ atom feed. It would be more convenient if could subscribe to tags right on the page of the specific tag. But well, It works so yeah, no need to complain I guess.<label>

Are the feed urls, just add them to your reader of choice.

Wait, no, there’s a catch. Your feed reader has to support access of authenticated feeds and now guess which popular feed reader does not support this feature. If you guessed Google Reader, than your right. Google’s own feed reader can’t handle the GMail feeds. Firefox’ dynamic bookmarks do however support it, not sure about the Sage add-on though.

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