Britain to create world’s largest theme park

The still unnamed mega project, currently referred to as the 1984 Memorial Theme park, is due to open its doors within the next two years, it will be built upon an area of the size of 209,331 km2 ( 80,823 sq mi), roughly 1,700 times the size of Florida based Disney World Resort.

CCTV installed on an old building (a)

CCTV on an old building (a)

What sounds like a bad joke, is soon becoming reality when Great Britain increased measures of surveillance in order to keep terrorists from planing and executing attacks the general populace under government control. A nationwide closed-circuit television network of approximately four million surveillance cameras is already in place and which equates one camera for every fourteenth person in the nation.

They newest plan as being discussed with major Internet service providers will lead to the installation of black boxes on phone and cable network nodes tapping every outgoing and incoming information, saving raw data and sending it to one, central database where everything can, and probably will, be scanned to ensure ‘national security’. People will no longer have to act suspicious to get the MI5 or the police to listen to your calls or to track your mobile phone. Didn’t I mention they also talk about tracking mobile phones just for the sake of it? No? Well, they do.

One nation under CCTV. It reminds me of Half-Life 2 (b)

One nation under CCTV. It reminds me of Half-Life 2 (b)

I think it is astounding that while the British government talks openly about their plans and even the non-tinfoil-hat-wearing part of the population knows about it there doesn’t seem much of an opposition, at least none that I’ve heard of, there is close to none public discussion about it. Most people talking about it are probably the mostly American users of Slashdot, the British seem far more concerned about foreign investors buying into the Premier League.

(a) “CCTV Camera” by “I see modern Britain”, cc-by-2.0-license

(b) “One nation under CCTV” by Jordi Martorell, cc-by-nc-nd-2.0-license

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