CodeWeavers does a proof-of-concept port of Chromium

As Lifehacker is reporting CodeWeavers ported Chromium, the OpenSource project behind Google Chrome to Mac and Linux. I’m not too surprised as it was already known to run in Wine and I’ve know idea why CrossOver as a tweaked, proprietary version of Wine shouldn’t be able to run it as well. They probably just ported it for the sake of it.

Long story short, they offer some debs for Debian/Ubuntu, so people who didn’t try to install Chromium via wine because they were afraid of some little terminal action before now have the chance to get a look at what the Windows world was so excited about without any hassle.
It doesn’t run very well, not well at all when compared to a natively running version of Chromium on Windows. It’s enough for you to get a short glimpse of it and you really should not use it as your default browser anyway as it isn’t updated automatically which isn’t because of CrossOver but because Chromium simply lacks this functionality right now.

It should be noted that while this port is free as in beer it is not free as in speech as proprietary code of CrossOver is used.

Link:CrossOver Chromium

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