Is Warner Bros. viral “The Dark Knight” campaign on twitter just the start? *UPDATE* [List added]

Within short time I got added by the Joker, the Riddler (are we seeing him in the next film?), Two-Face, Rachel Dawes, James Gordon and Gotham Cable News of which the the last two show each a website. GCN’s website even features some links to other websites, all being gotham or batman universe related and apparently being distorted by the Joker.

Probably all of you twitter users have been hearing about those Gotham figures popping everywhere on twitter, adding everyone they can find as a friend, a method often used by some less popular spam bots. But since this time everyone’s favourite Batman is involved I didn’t see much critique, and I can only speculate that twitter is probably getting some sort of money out of this. I don’t think there is a way that something making this much news and not getting banned for using it for ads and marketing if there wouldn’t be big money involved.

I’m really wondering if this only the start of using twitter for marketing on this large scale and if twitter really is getting money out of this. I’m sure they wouldn’t turn anyone down offering them money as Twitter has yet to present any real revenue model. And while they need some money like every company I really hope it’s not turning into some playhouse for viral marketing and soon you’re only tweeting with some marketing guys inventing stuff, instead of real people.

I’ve to admit though that the Geek in my kind of liked the pages the Joker “visited”.

Here’s a list with Gotham characters who seem to be part of the campaign and who added me, I guess the ones not using the mass adds are copycats:

And here’s a list of websites I found the Joker visited

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