Firefox gets pr0n mode

Chrome got it, IE8 got it and now Firefox is getting it.

Mozilla Links reports Firefox 3.1 codename “Shiretoko” is getting its very own private browsing pr0n mode. It will be implemented in the next development build mid October.

For people who don’t want to update to a dev-build of Firefox but really like the idea of private browsing don’t have to switch to Chrome as there are two Firefox addons offering an at least similar functionality. So for those of you who are interested take a look at Stealther and Distrust.

But, as most of new developements — hello LHC –, not everyone is looking forward to it. A comment on Mozilla Links reads like this

“I feel that this feature is dishonest at heart and Mozilla should take the moral stance and not to include it.

No 1 many households have children/teenagers using computers these days and this gives them direct access to anything inappropriate without their parents knowledge and no way to check.

No 2 If I wanted to organise a romantic weekend or a present without my wife’s knowledge I would just manually delete the history items when I am finished, if she goes looking any further than that then I know she doesn’t trust me and we have a problem in our relationship.

People should just admit that they want to look at porn without other people knowing there really isn’t a legitimate excuse.
I am very disappointed about this one.”

When you think about it, the problem described in No1 is already possible and the funny part is the poster himself pointed out how  it’s done in No2. If people really care what their children do they should talk about such stuff with them and must not blame others and/or software for the lack of parenting.

I only hope that this idea of evil browser features isn’t going to spread like the idea of evil video games, evil films or evil books back in the age.

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4 thoughts on “Firefox gets pr0n mode

  1. Surely there are better ways for parents to monitor than relying on browser history. A transparent proxy comes to mind. Otherwise, the little buggers will just find another browser daddy will miss — links2 for instance!

    Going behind their backs looking through their history will only make them hate you more. Have them use the computer in the living room so everyone can see.

  2. This is a very useful mode for libraries or other public computers. I don’t want to leave my history and cookies for the next person. Yes, I could clear the data after i’m done, but I think its easier to just switch private browsing on and forget about it.

    p.s. the black on dark brown in the comment form is very hard to read.

  3. OpenDNS is the friend of parents.

    Just block the XXX-websites in the OpenDNS setting and hope, that the kids are not clever enough to look up the IP address manually :-)

  4. I like to turn on private browsing when I am doing internet banking. As for pr0n, I’d rather download videos or go for the real thing.