problem using okular

Today, while using Okular I found something which really annoyed me. While not being a showstopper it is definitely something which isn’t working as it should be. For those of you who don’t know Okular. It’s KDEs document viewer, used to display pdf-files for example.

About the problem: Okular has a sidebar with the option to show all pages of a document in thumbnail view. This thumbnail view features a box which represents the field of view in the main area of the application and which you can drag around. Now here’s the problem, you can’t drag this box onto another page in the thumbnail view because every thumbnail has a border which acts as a barrier for you dragging pointer. These barriers however do not restrict the box itself in its movement. You can drag the box ‘into’ the barrier and grab it from the other side.

I made a short video and put it on Youtube in order to help illustrating the problem.

[flash w=500 h=395 mode=1]

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2 thoughts on “problem using okular

  1. I can’t file a bug report if I a) don’t know if it isn’t already working as intended or b) I’ve no idea what’s causing it. I might be some QT4 widget class causing it.

    I doubt filing “Okular no worky” as a bug would help anyone, so I hope someone who knows qt and kde4 reads this, can reproduce it and make an educated guess about what is causing it in order to file a “good” bug report.